Chris Bosh Has A House.. Setup Like A Trap

Now how would someone know what a trap set up like unless they’ve been in a trap house?

Police have released more information on the drug trafficking operation that was uncovered at a home owned by NBA star Chris Bosh.

According to police, the home was a prime set-up for the crimes that were being committed.

Chris’ mother, Freida, lived in the home and has been named a suspect in the alleged crack cocaine and heroin trafficking operation.

via TMZ:

Cops conducted an covert sting operation to obtain evidence — which included sending an undercover officer to the home on Tuesday to snatch and grab trash bags that had been left outside of the home.  Officials say investigators sifted through the trash and found tons of evidence — including baggies with cocaine residue, weed paraphernalia, burned joints and mail with Freida’s name on it.

As we said before, we find it hard to believe Freida may have had this going on in her home and she didn’t know about it.

As for the drug trafficking den — cops say the home was guarded by a large iron fence and outfitted with security cameras … “a common tactic for drug traffickers” for obvious reasons.  Cops say one of the suspects has a rap sheet that includes violent crime — including an incident where he was arrested for allegedly shooting a guy in the face during a drug deal.

Chris is reportedly not a suspect, but police don’t know how or if his mother is involved at this point.

No arrests have been made.

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