Cleopatra Singleton Granted Monthly Allowance From Her Dads Estate

John Singleton‘s daughter will be taken care of for now in the wake of her father’s passing … while his estate figures out how to distribute his multi-million dollar fortune.

21-year-old Cleopatra Singleton — one of the late filmmaker’s seven children — just got what she’d asked for a couple months ago … a monthly allowance of nearly $3,000, plus a one-time payment to cover her semester abroad. A judge signed off on it just this week.

Per the order, Cleopatra will receive $2,778 a month — as well as a one-time payout of $4,150. It’s exactly what she’d requested back in September, arguing that her father had taken care of her finances while he was alive … and she needs the dough to hold her over.

As we reported … John’s estate is estimated to be worth upwards of $35 million, which still needs to be divvied up. The estate also recently came up on an extra $500k or so.

TMZ broke the story … John died in April after suffering a massive stroke. His mother, Shelia Ward, was put in charge of his estate.

Worth noting … Sheila and Cleopatra have been at odds recently, so it’s good to see they could come to terms on this issue.

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