Victory Lap 3 Year Anniversary

It’s been a long 3 years !!! What I truly appreciate is that he was able to see his release and live in his moment. As a man Ermias did so much for his community. He did so much just being Nipsey Hussle. He taught us so many life lessons its unreal !! He brought the entire world together. He is someone I will teach my kids about. Nipsey Hussle was not just a rapper. He was/is a teacher, mentor, leader and so much more. He deserves to be in our social studies books !! But on February 16, 2019 he released his long awaited album Victory Lap and to me the title is such a full circle moment to live in. God set it all up to be like this. I don’t know Hussle personally but from his interviews and his friends and family he was so proud of this album. He lived in his moments and I know that he is no longer here with us but I want him to know I personally appreciate everything he stood for. I appreciate the gems he left behind and the knowledge he shared with his friends and family. Its something that continues to leak over into the world in a positive way. Thank you Ermian “Nipsey Hussle” Asghedom. Please enjoy a load of pictures and videos from Victory Lap below.

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