About Shadylipz-Terms And Conditions


Welcome to ShadyLipz…


ShadyLipz is an entertainment blog based purely off what I love.


What Is The Mission Of ShadyLipz?

I want to bring honest and pure entertainment to the world and speak on things and say things people want to say but don’t.


Who Is The Person Behind ShadyLipz?


A 2 year old woman who has always dreamed of being the boss. I can’t imagine someone else telling me how to use my creativity or giving my hard work to someone else to put his or her name on. I’m that chick that goes and get’s it.. – She’s not just a Bitch but she’s an UNREASONABLE BITCH because the world isn’t changed by reasonable!!!


Why The Name ShadyLipz?


There’s always someone out there throwing shade!! So why not ShadyLipz?


What Makes This Blog Better Than Others?


Even though I love Hip Hop and pure celebrity entertainment I’m not only focusing on that. I also focus on the world and our problems that are serious to our age group. I also have a spot called Shady Sisterhood were we help each other by what we’ve been through. My blog is and will always be the most honest unfiltered blog ever. A lot of people like to kiss A$& to make it but I believe in myself. I’m going to always be honest with readers and myself and say what I want.



Shadylipz holds no responsibility for the amount of likes or shares or traffic increase on any social media platform when promoting your BRAND. We DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS FOR ANY PROMO.

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